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Fundraising Limitations

  • Members are prohibited from soliciting/delivering contributions during Legislative Days: *Starting Sunday at 12:00 am and ending Saturday at 11:59 pm.*

The Capitol Club Bylaws Page 2: 9.
No member, during a regular session of the Legislative Assembly or during the weeks in which interim committee meetings are held, shall make or promise to make a campaign contribution to a legislator, to a candidate for legislative or statewide office in Oregon, or to a campaign committee that supports legislative or executive candidates for office in Oregon.

In the case of a special session, this prohibition begins the Sunday prior to the commencement of the special session.

In a statewide State of Emergency or if committee meetings are conducted outside of the Capitol, this prohibition applies only to the day a committee is conducted.

1/19/204 – “Thank you everyone who promptly voted on the bylaw amendment. The amendment was adopted, and is now in effect, so the only prohibition on our members making or promising contributions is during the weeks of Legislative Days. When the Board finalizes the policy to clarify the application of this bylaw provision, we will send it out.”


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Tuesday February 6, 2024 from 5:30-7:30 p.m – General Session Kick Off at the Common Sense Center – 660 Capitol St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 (free parking) – RSVP kindly requested

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