Invoice Payments ~ Locker Renewals ~ Group Accounts (Instructions below)

Make a payment to: Capitol Club, Inc.



Payment ($5 Min.)




Locker Renewals (locker payments are CURRENTLY ON HOLD until members have access to them)
Sale Price: Pending Availability

Group memberships – Printing – Lockers – Directories – Combined Invoices

Group Accounts: A membership belongs to whoever purchased and can be transferred (if needed): Rate: $400.00 per individual 

Memberships are valid starting the beginning of the odd numbered years and expires the end of the even numbered years (A discount may apply during even numbered years). Memberships all expire on the same day based on which membership was purchased.

If paying memberships for a team of people please be sure to list who the membership (s) are for (list each person).

Capitol Club Directory/Roster Orders:  Price: $20.00 each without discount

Each member can receive up to two complimentary directories with their paid membership for the current session and is notified once the directories are available. As a member you can log into their personal profile and purchase additional directories/rosters for a discounted rate. Instructions are sent out with instructions on how to order your complimentary directories.

Please send invoice requests or questions to: